mini writing marathon guidlines

NWPM Mini Writing Marathon

5:37 or so - Find your groups, make a plan, and go forth and write!
5:38 - 7:58 - Find a place to eat and write (and perhaps consume adult beverages)
Write for a set period
Share - without commenting (exception: "Wow, YOU are a writer!")
Move (or have a second adult beverage, or move AND have a second adult beverage)
Repeat 1-2 more times
7:59 - Meet back at the room where we started
8:00 - Begin read-around – pick a short piece, or a section of a piece, or even just
one line to share
9:03 - Go Buh-Bye

Marathon Tips:
  • Consider marathoning with someone(s) you don’t know
  • Arrange car pools and exchange cell phone numbers - Penny Lew’s cell - 989-400-9238
  • If you go into a restaurant or bar, be sure to order something.
  • If anyone asks what you’re doing, tell them, "I am a writer."
  • Keep in mind that you are doing this for yourself and for nobody else.
  • Follow any path that develops. Look for unusual spots to write.
  • Write for whatever length(s) of time the group feels comfortable.
  • Move a few times unless the group is comfortable where it is.

Bottom line: It's not about following directions; it’s about writing for yourself for a bit.

And remember:

You are a writer!