NWPM Digital Storytelling

Tuesday, Session 3: 1:00 - 2:30
Room 131 (Lab)

Facilitated by:
  • Heather Hollands, UPWP
  • Amy Laitinen, UPWP
  • Amber White, SBWP

Amy & Heather in Action

Opening conversation on our various backgrounds with Digital Storytelling.

What is Digital Storytelling?
  • Driving question to think about during our time together.
  • How is this definition evolving?
  • Push for collaborative storytelling
  • what mediums can be used?

http://upwp.wikispaces.com Heather and Amy's blog: http://hamy10.wordpress.com/ They have a link for their digital stories and will be blogging about digital literacy.

Digital Storytelling Center

Digital Storytelling Resources

Revision idea: Have students bring their digital stories up on the computers in the lab/class. Do a gallery walk, having them view each other's stories and give feedback with post-it notes on the computers.
Troy's suggestion: Students can put their draft of a digital story on voice thread. Their peers can post feedback there.

Have the Summer Institute TCs create digital stories as part of their experience. They will want to take it back to the classroom!

Have students start small: a 60 second video, or use just 5 pictures, or read a poem and add the visual elements. See examples at www.poetryfoundation.org

Have students create the worst story or presentation ever. They have fun and it gives them all a sense of what not to do.

Troy: on Viddler, you can add annotations exactly where you want them on the story to give feedback.

What is your Writing Project site doing with digital storytelling?
You could do daily logs and include digital stories to capture that.

UPWP held a Family Literacy Night at a local elementary school -- have stations set up where students can make a 5-screen digital story with Where I'm From poems. Their families can have a DVD to take home.

Amber: Get out and take a risk. You're not going to break anything. Don't be afraid to play!

SBWP is hosting a Digital Storytelling Workshop.

Notes from session:

Digital Storytelling
Amy Laitinen
Heather Hollands
Amber W
· Narrated, storyboard, audio and visual elements, citations
· Kids can collaborate, has morphed into something new
· Kids were reluctant to put their voice into it.
· Troy’s wife, Sarah, was tech person UP and helped them
· Upwp.wikispaces.com
· The things they carried – mentor text Tim O’Brien
· Amy uses her own story – husband in Iraq, dad in Vietnam, Penelope and Odysseus!
· Talking too fast, using too many pictures, flashing photos too fast,
· Moviemaker, livemovie, photostory3,
· What software do you need?
· What equipment do you need?
· Windows – movie maker is free on there
· Digital storytelling with career unit
· Coaching kids – who is your audience? Take out pieces that are irrelevant.
· Creating a timeline for when different parts would be done – but then was able to
· Caveat – when students work together their voices may not meld together!
· Showcasing what we do at our site/school
· Use a digital story to share our PLC process
· Write on! Button with pencil
· I am a STAR – holocaust picture book
· …I never saw another butterfly…
· Excellence in education grant
· Inge – holocaust survivor
· Amber White
· The teacher, the writer, and the person – can use this skill for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
· The Beckie Project
· Power of visual literacy – public service announcements
· Why are people captivated by this?
· It is our professional responsibility to learn
· Showed a lot of digital media to get them hooked
· Learn best when uncomfortable
· Learn together – we’re here for one another
· Larry Levy, author of Hooked on K-12
· Choose a writing piece you have – collect images and photos to go with
· Nostalgia
· Family connection
· Gifts
· Start small – 60 second video. 5 photos
· Change “language arts” to “literacy” teacher
· Take a poem you like and add words, music, images
· Wordle
· Poets.org
· Where I’m from poem – use images with that poem
· Photos make easy to tell the story for some. Sometimes you may need to start with the writing.
· May not need to teach the kids the tools – it is inherent – may just need to teach the content or process
· Picassa
· Jing
· Screen toaster
· Voicethread
· http://www.jingproject.com/ use with how tos
· Vidler
· Um how do I write a grant for this?