NWPM Developing Professional Development Proposals

Tuesday, Session 4: 3:00 - 4:30
Room 422 (Seminar Room)

Facilitated by:
  • Kari Reynolds, LMWP
  • Kris Griffor, MBWP
  • Rita Maddox, CRWP

This application should be filled out if a writing project wants to work with districts in the bottom 5% of achievement.

Notes from session:
Professional Development
· Crossroads = Ferris
· Third coast = kalamazoo
· Red cedar
· Conference call with CTs in different communities
· Common core standards, writing workshop, technology and digital literacy, at-risk learners
· Relationships are important
· Dates, materials, costs
· PD promotion
· Advanced institute for TCs in order to present PD they have to attend, to put it together
· Hand pick by invitation for advanced institute – their demo – to work on each summer – ultimate goal is to present.
· TCs that go through advanced institute – are now able to present or put into a database as to what you can present, how long,
· Opportunities for credits,
· Test prep, 6 traits into writing workshop,
· Needs assessment –
· Issue: applying as an external provider SIG
· The world is very unequal in education!
· Mcte, mra, present at conferences
· Part of our job is to promote good PD –
· A one day workshop should not be done – because it is not supported throughout
· Oak park – bottom 5% for federal funding
· All the stuff Laura Schiller sends out is writing project!!! We just have a great partnership with Oakland ISD
· What kinds of services can Title I pay for? Knowing the answer to this.
· Marketing to school district assistant superintendant of curriculum
· Duh-piphany
· Life is a verb Patti Digh
· Reframing negative thinking