NWPM Cross-site CFA Discussion and Response - Session IV

Wednesday: 8:30 - 10:00
Room 413 (Seminar Room)

Facilitated by: Laura Schiller

Aram Kabodian
Sara Beauchamp-Hicks
Heather Hollands
Kim Pavoock

Summer Institute
  • It was clear how their recruitment strategies were very intentional, reflecting back on what has worked and what hasn't worked. PD person has been very successful in recruiting.
  • Clarity in how their leadership is built for the team. They have a clear vision of how each and every person who participated in the SI got there.
  • Curious about the role of the New Teacher Coordinator. (Kim Pavlock explained this to us)
    • We really like this idea.
    • Each new fellow is assigned a teacher mentor (a former TC)
    • Supports the work of the new fellow; attends the day of their demo, talks with them about their research
    • Dinner in May, sample demo and continued support throughout the SI
  • Tech Liaison is very involved in the planning.

  • Teacher Research is very strong, long standing tradition. We were very impressed.
  • SI is 5 credits; Continuity meetings are an additional 1 credit.
  • Interested in the book publishing aspect.
  • Multilayered approach to teacher research
    • EMWP based teacher research group
    • School based teacher research group
    • University (grant) sponsored research; focus on literature pedagogy

Teacher Research
  • Flexibility in the structure and design of the research groups, honoring the requests of the participants

  • Dedication and devotion; making sure the TCs that want to be involved are given adequate opportunity.
  • Supportive of TCs (strong continuity)

  • Really want to have a greater impact on the surrounding districts and are struggling with how to reach out to them in a bigger way.

Wonderful thing from our session....

Conversation at next summer's retreat:
  • How do we reach beyond the suburbs to those districts in distress?
  • They need our help.
  • How do we think more strategically about helping them.
  • Tom Maridada, possible speaker
  • Tabby Shaevos, U of M