NWPM Cross-site CFA Discussion and Response - Session III

Wednesday: 8:30 - 10:00
Room 227 (Seminar Room)

Facilitated by:
Bill Tucker, Director EMWP

Nick Kalakailo, EMWP
Karen Chichester, EMWP

Dear Mark and Jan and UPWP Colleagues
Local Context
We were impressed by your use of scarce resources and drawing from distant districts with scarce resources. Your Wikispaces and Saturday Session seem to keep a dispersed group together to preserve continuity over an immense territory.

Relation to the University
The assigning of Jan to adjunct role allowed a classroom teacher to work within the university for the UPWP. The involvement of the President at the Kickoff Session is notable and affirming. The deans have attended as well. Great University connections.

Connections to Marquette-Alger RESA and Other Professional Groups
Great establishing credibility with MARESA by using NWP research support. While keeping credibility is a constant battle, you are in the battle and that counts for a lot!

You show how technology can be a cohesive force in a widespread Writing Project site. You introduce the use of digital narratives in the summer institute and then extend it to advanced institutes and the Youth Writing Marathon. The university has a universal laptop distribution, which allows students more access than typical.

The collaboration with the Marquette area schools has made extended study of student work possible and valuable. Your site is exemplary in Michigan for analyzing the quality of large group performance. You have continued to involve as many teachers as possible in the assessment and reflection process.

Continuity Through Saturday Sessions
As a site director, I am envious of the continuity you have maintained through Saturday sessions. Assigning credit to these sessions is a strategy I haven’t tried.

Leadership Transition
A very impressive and seamless transition. We have heard some horror stories of faltering transitions in Writing Projects, and this one deserves notice.

Strong connection with the National Writing Project, such as research with Analytic Continuum, the Holocaust Education Network, attending the Rural Sites Network. Strong connection with the State Network by sending nine TC’s to the Retreat.

Very complete reflection and requesting support where identified.
Listing of awards recognizes individual accomplishments at the end.

With admiration and commendation,
Nick, Karen, Liz, Steve, Bill, (with PD)