NWPM Cross-site CFA Discussion and Response - Session II

Wednesday: 8:30 - 10:00
Room 120 (Conference Room)

Facilitated by: Lindsay Ellis, Director LMWP
Renee Webster, RCWP
Penny Lew, CWP
Sonja Mack, CRP
Marcia VanWolvelaere, UPWP
Shannon Powell, CRWP
Mary Cox, MBWP
Ashley Patton, CRWP

Questions from our own sites' work:

1) How did they recruit for their summer institute? How many applicants?
2) How did they use technology at their summer institute? How much time for reading and writing did they give when they were using so many new technologies? How do sites support "digital immigrants"?
3) What kinds of PD did they do in schools? Who did the PD? How much did they ask to be paid?
4) How often did their leadership team meet? How did Troy delegate responsibility?
5) Did they use the NWP template?
6) What is the role of the teaching demo?
7) How do you diversify TC pool?
8) How to diversify the knowledge/understanding of TC pool?
9) How does University support the site? How many credits? What kinds of physical spaces on campus?
10) With summer Institute: how rigorous is the Institute? How much focus on inquiry and scholarship? How much do they pust TCs to questions established practices?
11) How can sites overcome distance issues? How can technology help overcome physical distances? For continuity?
12) How does the site create a web presence? How has site responded to NING costs?
13) How do leaders keep energy without burning out?
14) How do sites create connections among TCs from various cohorts? How do sites keep past TCs involved?
15) How can sites reach more community members?
16) How do sites grow their leadership team? How is leadership invited, delegated, compensated?
17) How many schools are reached by PD? How do you break through to new districts?
18) How do sites handle geographic overlap for PD and TC recruitment?
19) How can sites support the development of second and third teaching demonstrations for future PD?
20) How can sites support the growth of TCs at all grade levels, and for all content areas?
21) How do sites support TCs as writers through the year?

We notice that:

Troy created a beautiful CFA! The digital format seems not to have used the NWP template, but followed its organizational structure. We feel liberated to do the same, having seen Troy done so. (LMWP had trouble in the past importing and exporting NWP template to Google Docs in previous years.)

CRWP charges $600 for half day sessions and $1100 for full day sessions of PD. (This is a little more than LMWP has charged. Interesting.)

CRWP's ISI goes until 8pm the first week with time for creating Digital Storytelling every evening, with no time for reading scholarship during the first week. Reading is expected ahead of time. There is specific time set aside for writing in addition to the digital composing time.

CRWP assigns writing assignments to accompany 3 assigned texts during ISI. There is beautiful structured individual response to scholarly readings. We wondered if whole group discussion of texts brings something valuable, or if it can be dropped. We wonder if whole group discussion of texts is important to hear the diverse voices of Fellows, especially if there are only one or two minority perspectives in the cohort.

CRWP had a successful PD program in Greenville and used it to build collaborations among leaders.

We particularly liked the "what our site CFA might sound like in 3-5 years" section for goal setting.

We notices the thread of identity throughout, claiming the title of a "digital writing project." We are impressed. We also look forward to learning from CRWP how they "go digital" while emphasizing the writing process, composition, human relationships, reading scholarship, and inquiry as cornerstones for NWP work.