NWPM Cross-site CFA Discussion and Response - Session I

Wednesday: 8:30 - 10:00

Facilitated by:
  • Mark Smith, UPWP
  • Here are notes from discussion of CFAs from the group that read the SBWP CFA (session facilitated by Mark Smith, UPWP
    · We all agreed that it’s a good idea to put into CFAs about 1-3 areas to work on in the future to make your site stronger; in other words, we agree with Bill Tucker’s idea that all sites should be REQUIRED to respond to areas of concern expressed by the reviewer who wrote the letter in response to the previous year’s CFA
    · We all agreed that providing lots of good detail about the conditions (economic as well as educational) of the service area AND the state (Ellen, thanks for clarifying that the reviewers read CFAs only from states other than their home state); the SVWP CFA is provides a great model for providing really detailed and clear information on this topic
    · Recruitment of teachers to come to ISIs: lots of discussion of this; consensus that personal contact with and invitations to good candidates is really crucial; acknowledged that it often takes years to get really good teachers to commit to an ISI; Scott (TCWP) highly recommends the resources on the list of given to us by Ellen of NWP documents (the 3 listed at the top of the first page deal with recruitment)
    · One way to think of CFA is as a collaboratively written portfolio
    · Use of “Google Docs”—was a problem for UPWP for our 2009 CFA
    · It’s a good idea to look at CFAs written from quite a few years ago